Work Posts Résumé

Hi! You can call me Tom. 👋

I'm a Principal GIS and Data Platforms Engineer at King County's GIS Center. 🗺️

Here's my most recent post:

January 15th, 2023

Fixing the Single Rear JBL speaker in my Camry

I noticed an annoying rattle from the rear of the car when music was playing and decided to handle the issue.

Check out my work here! 🚀

Right Now

I am building a server-side rendered web app to help people find information about the land they own in King County. This app queries data from the county's on-premise databases and leverages hosted map services to tell you everything we can about a parcel number. You can play with the demo here.

This web app is a direct reimplementation of a legacy ASP.NET Webforms project written in Visual Basic .NET and running on .NET Framework 4.5. My replacement is ASP.NET Core Razor Pages project written in C# running on .NET 7. You can read about the performance and maintain ability advantages of this solution here.

About Myself

I like camping. Often I'll go out to the Olympics and stay at sites like Lake Cushman, Deer Park, and the coastline around Lake Ozette. I'm also enjoying ski season this winter. ⛷️

I also know a bit about photography. You can see my work on Flikr. Right now I'm shooting with a Sony RX1R MKII. 📸

As of September 2022 I am the author of the top text result on Google for "How to install RAM". Although I don't write product reviews anymore, I still have a deep interest in computer hardware. 🧑‍💻