Work Posts Résumé

Hi! You can call me Tom. 👋

I'm a Principal GIS and Data Platforms Engineer at King County's GIS Center. 🗺️

Here's my most recent post:

June 20th, 2024

King County Districts and Development Conditions Report | Improved Performance and Modern Look

Today, we are excited to announce the availability of our new Districts and Development Conditions Report. This report is the culmination of nearly two years of work by a half dozen KCGIS Center staff.

Check out my work here! 🚀

Right Now

I am replacing an admin app used to define and track the execution of custom ETL scripts written in Python. These scripts are responsible for regularly publishing GIS data from our agencies to a shared enterprise library and eventually the public.

The new app is a prototype built in .NET 8 using server-side Blazor and Entity Framework Core. These technologies will allow us to provide a similar, but improved experience compared to the existing ASP.NET Webforms app written in VB, which uses the postback method to provide interactivity.

About Myself

I like camping. Often I'll go out to the Olympics and stay at sites like Lake Cushman, Deer Park, and the coastline around Lake Ozette. I'm excited ski season this winter. ⛷️

I know a bit about photography. You can see my work on Flikr. Right now I'm shooting with a Nikon Z7. 📸

As of September 2022 I am the author of the top text result on Google for "How to install RAM". Although I don't write product reviews anymore, I still have a deep interest in computer hardware. 🧑‍💻